When evaluating existing marketing and advertising programs, we provide our clients with ideas and solutions to reach their goals. Our leadership and teaching skills will help a client to build a unique marketing skill set for their company. 

Data driven marketing, is all about data, and all about action through reaching your prospects and customers. Gaining a 360-degree view of customers is one of the most important marketing goals in our digital world.

The business marketing fact still remains that those who

“have a need for what you have to offer must be aware of what you have to offer.”

Our business is built on learning as much as we can about our client’s business and industry.

There are 5 unique strategies we’ve used for a small biz since we opened our door in 1984. These unique strategies are the foundation of learning solutions and ideas based on any small biz. We creatively select a strategy that works well with our information from our MCG e-Val.u.ate program.  We don’t stop a one strategy, but may use a variety of skills in other strategies to reach our clients goals.

1. Data Driven Marketing Strategy
2. Direct Marketing Strategy
3. Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy
4. Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
5. Digital Marketing Strategy

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