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Marketing Communications Group (mcg) inspires by teaching and sharing valuable marketing information.

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”
― Aristotle

Our role of teaching is different.

ABC'sWhen you were in school, the fact that you took a course wasn’t rare or scarce. We all took similar courses. What separates people is what they choose to do with that information.

To have a successful sport team, such as baseball or football, good coaches make a difference. Good coaching makes the student better. We believe the learning is valuable, not the proof you took it. The information and education is there for you to build on.

Now that just about anyone can continue their education, just about everyone must. Because everyone in business is competing, an updated skill set is valuable.

You must, because if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind. You must because the  abundance of new information is the basis of your everyday tools creating a new expectation.

Now, the reward is simpler – learn something because you want to learn it. Learn what you want to learn. Do it often. Don’t do it for proof, do it because the learning itself is worth it.

Organize, teach, and lead, because it’s a great way to learn. Below are a few sample teaching programs available for you and your employees.

Other components of marketing which may be the right investment for your company.
  • Creating a distinctive unique selling and value proposition for your organization
  • Content marketing and solution provider content for the sales team
  • Using analytics and testing to increase the value of your marketing communications
  • Build a company brand and positioning statement
  • Build a team marketing plan for your company

Other courses are available for presentations to your organization or association. Contact Us or call us at 800-251-3608.

Smart Start Gets Results.


If you sense a better customer experience is a personal goal that needs to improve, our Smart Start for a Smart Small Business is an all exclusive teaching program for companies wanting to build or re-build their marketing team.  Below are a few features of the program:

  • Analysis of your present marketing operations
  • Current options and opportunities in your company brand and position
  • The value proposition of a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy
  • Create a personalized company marketing strategy
  • Create a distinctive unique selling and value proposition for the organization
  • Install a customer contact management system and increase the value of company data
  • Explore all direct marketing communications, channels and tactics
  • Evaluate content marketing for use with the organizations sales team
  • Use analytics and testing to increase the value of marketing communications

Click on the SMART START photo for additional information.

Read a case study on how Pabst Blue Ribbon, a brewer of beer, turned to a customer-PabstCCMacentric marketing strategy to grow their niche marketing segment and introduce their beer to new breed of customers.

Smart Start is a great opportunity for you to gain a viewpoint of your company and its marketing operations from professionals who understand the role of marketing in today’s small business.

A Smart Start is more than an mcg Marketing-eVal. It’s a total view of marketing for a company that knows better marketing will bring in the results it needs to grow.

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