1. Customers are Number One

UR-KiddingOur Number One Most Valuable Marketing Trait for A Small Business –

If your company truly believes any customer is Customer Number One, A Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy (CCMS) was made for you!

The first time people read or hear about a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy they say we know everything about our customers. But do they really know enough?

There are many ways to learn about your customers and prospects which can impact your marketing response in the right direction.

Taking the time to listen to, talk to and understand your customer, can greatly increase your marketing results, customer acquisition and customer retention.” MarketingDoc, CMO, Marketing Communications Group, Inc.

The term, Customer-Centric Marketing, has a variety of definitions.

Our simple definition is – Customer-Centric Marketing means to fulfill all the needs and wants each customer expects, with a passion to succeed, provide an extra step of service and do it all with a smile, and a strong value proposition to keep customers coming back.

mcg logoV3 copyAt mcg, CCM is a Strategy a small business must embrace to continually meet their growth goals.

Customer-Centric Marketing is a strategy that a small business can use to build better business. Each customer means a lot more to a small business than the larger companies. Then why should you think each customer is the same? Or a prospect is, well, a typical prospect?

There are so many marketing tools and not enough of these tools are put to good use in a small business. When a company starts to embrace the use of a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy, change begins throughout the whole company. Here are just a few thoughts to consider using a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy:

  • Learn as much as you possibly can about customers.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with customers, such as becoming a solution provider, by piecing together a solution for your customer.
  • Treat your customers with value added, no cost services.
  • As you learn more about each customer, keep fulfilling the needs and wants of each customer – because a happy customer tells others.
  • And when customers are happy, they will give you testimonials. Testimonials PabstCCMaare a great addition to use in your marketing and with the sales team.
  • Having a customer focus can help separate a small business from the competition.
A Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy will change a company’s business for the better. 

To learn more about our Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy for your business and employees, please request our case study, “Is the Customer Always Right?,” or call us at 800-251-3608.Marketingeval_logoV3

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