Re-think How You Spend Your Marketing Dollars

Would you like to increase your marketing revenue?

Marketingeval_logoV3If you want to move marketing from an expense to an investment it’s time for you to take a good hard look at your company’s marketing. Here’s how with our mcg Marketing-eVal.

What’s a mcg Marketing-eVal?

• Prior to finalizing the purchase of a new home, you get a home inspection.

• Your high school child begins a search for a college to attend, you help her study, prepare and plan school visits.

• Need a new set of wheels? Before plunking down mega-bucks, you take a test drive.

We examine and judge your present marketing tactics carefully. Are you using marketing tactics correctly? Are there other tactics to consider?

Your company must be UNIQUE to your customers.Concerned_owner

In our eyes, every company is unique. After all, you have unique customers. Your processes are unique. And uniqueness helps your company stand out from the competition.

However, most small company marketing is not unique. Some are antiquated. Or just don’t work like they did in the past. And unfortunately for some companies, their marketing is just not good at all. Did I hear you say BORING?

Your small business marketing must be unique. Think about a brand you buy and use. You feel good about your purchase and you trust the brand. In a good way, this UNIQUENESS separates this brand from its competition.

Today’s marketing must be beneficial to your customers, and memorable, with an end goal to get the best return on your marketing investment. Yes you read correctly. Marketing is an investment, and not an expense.

“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” Dave Packard, HP

How will a mcg Marketing-eVal help my business?TheBigPic

It’s taking a look at the BIG PICTURE of your small business marketing – from your strategy on down to the tactics. Part of our commitment to you is learning about your business. We ask a lot of questions. A homework assignment is common, but one you enjoy doing.

MCG places a high value on information and therefore, requires many answers to get your vision into focus. For example we look at:

1) Your Industry

2) Your Company

3) Marketing – Advertising – Customer Service – Sales

4) Competition

5) Your goals and objectives

6) Opportunity(s) – Something we may have discovered together

Next, we discuss your answers and ask you more questions.

Another discussion can take place as we finalize your report.

Our marketing experience removes a large portion of the guesswork out of your important marketing decisions.

Our mcg Marketing-eVal starts the thinking process – what is happening in your company – what needs to happen – increase your marketing performance.

The thinking process in our mcg Marketing eVal program leads to many answers of your marketing challenges a small business must face daily.

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